SC Johnson Voluntarily Recovering
OFF! Botanicals® Insect Repellent I (4 oz. Spritz)
Due to Packaging Issue

Name of Product

OFF! Botanicals® Insect Repellent I (4 oz. Spritz)

Reason for Recovery

A packaging issue that could impact some containers of OFF! Botanicals® Insect Repellent I (4 oz. Spritz) packaged in a clear plastic bottle. The packaging issue does not affect proper use of the product but could permit the sprayer of the product to be removed from the bottle more easily than intended. In the unusual circumstance where a consumer could remove the sprayer from the bottle and drink its contents, the liquid could be harmful if swallowed.

No Incidents Reported

SC Johnson has received no reports that consumers have removed the sprayer or of any injuries. Nevertheless, because the packaging does not meet SC Johnson’s high standards, the company decided to initiate a voluntary product recovery

Consumer Contact

Consumers who purchased this product (see picture) should call 1-800-252-2078 to receive refund instructions and instructions for appropriate disposal, which also can be found on the product’s label.

The recovery applies only to OFF! Botanicals® Insect Repellent (4 oz. Spritz) and not to OFF! Botanicals® Lotion, OFF! Botanicals® Towelettes or any other OFF! product.


August 28, 2014